Inquirey Form

For admission applications and inquiries, please use this inquiry form.

Admission requirements

  • (1) Those who have completed at least 12 years of general education in their own country, or those who have equivalent qualifications.
  • (2) Those who have completed at least 12 years of general education in their home country or have equivalent qualifications.
  • (3) Applicants must have passed JLPT N5 or above and J-test level F or above, or equivalent.

Application period

April Admission by 20 November of the previous year

October admission until 20 May (total number of places: 98)

Class times

Morning Classes9:00~12:20
Afternoon Classes13:00~16:20

Learning Objectives and Content

Beginner’s class

Study of vocabulary and sentence structure for basic language activities. Students will learn to write and explain briefly about personal matters.

Study objectives: JLPT N3 level

Pre-Intermediate Class

Students learn vocabulary and grammar to understand texts on familiar topics and social content. Students will learn to communicate more naturally and to write their own opinions in an appropriate structure.

Study objectives: JLPT N2 level

Upper Intermediate Class

Students learn basic vocabulary and grammar to be able to understand texts of a slightly more technical nature. Students will learn to speak at a discourse level and write logically coherent sentences.

Study objectives: JLPT N1 level

Application Process

1 On-site interview

2 Screening of documents by the school

3 Issue of Letter of Acceptance

4 Examination by the Immigration Bureau, announcement of examination results, payment of school fees

5 Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility

6 Applicant’s examination for visa issuance by the consulate

7 Purchase of ticket, entry into Japan

Application documents

Documents submitted by applicant

①Application form, Curriculum Vitae, Statement of reasons for studying abroad

②Japanese language study history

③Certificate of enrollment or certificate of employment

④Certificate of graduation from the last school

⑤Transcript of the last school attended

⑥Certificate of academic background (original)

  China: Ministry of Education, Center for the Development of Education for Students with Degrees and Research, or National High Education Student Information and Employment Guidance Center

⑦Document proving Japanese language ability (copy)

⑧Family register and certificate of kinship with the sponsor (original)

⑨Copy of passport (*if available)

⑩8 photographs (4cm x 3cm, taken within the last 3 months, white background)

Documents to be submitted by the person paying expenses

① Expense Payment Statement

② Certificate of employment

③ Annual income certificate (that understand the tax payment can be understood)

④ Certificate of deposit balance (original, 3 million yen or more) Copy of passbook


① Documents and certificates must have been completed within the last three months.

② Documents submitted will not be returned in principle, but original documents that cannot be reissued may be returned.

③ Certificates written in English or the language of the applicant’s country must be translated into Japanese on a separate sheet.

Expenses to be paid before admission

Selection FeeEntrance FeeTuition FeeFacilities Material FeeTotal for Initial Year
April Term30,000 JPY60,000 JPY600,000 JPY60,000 JPY750,000 JPY
October Term30,000 JPY60,000 JPY600,000 JPY60,000 JPY750,000 JPY

Expenses to be paid after admission

Medical checkup 5,000 yen (once a year)

Other insurance 10,000 yen (1 year)

Payment of school fees

1 After the Certificate of Eligibility has been issued, payment of the school fees must be made by the designated date.

2 The rest of the school fees should be paid as follows, starting one year after enrollment (due dates will be notified later).

April students: half-yearly tuition fee 330000 yen, paid in two instalments.

October students: half-yearly tuition fee 330000 yen, paid in one instalment

3 If payment is not made by the due date, the student may be advised to withdraw from the school.

4 If your application for a visa is refused after you have been issued with a “Certificate of Eligibility”, we will refund your school fees in full.

In the case of a student who has paid the school fee and then decides not to apply for a visa, an application fee of 100,000 yen will be charged.

The remaining amount will be refunded to the payer.

5 After confirming the payment of school fees, we will send you the “Certificate of Eligibility”.

All remittances should be sent to the bank account designated by Osaka Meisei International Japanese Language School.


Branch name UEROKU BRANCH 



Account number 0327115

Phone number 06-7710-4661